Friday, January 23

The Pros of HitchHiking

A rather sagacious colleague of mine, told of my virginal attempt at a blog, prophesied that sustenance would be the key question to face down the line. Frankly, my initial response was to summarily nix such doubt-mongering. My confidence stemmed from my usually liberal abuse of the constitutionally guaranteed freedom of Expression, especially dissembling opinion in conversation. Allowed immodesty, my defence would include a certain love for the Word, notably in written form. Add to that a belief that effort builds a degree of expertise (assuming the practitioner at least averagely intellectually gifted) over time. Last but not least, innocence of intent could be an argument too – Echohum’s conception being as much outwardly oriented as to seek other (passive to combative) voices.

In short, one felt more than equal to the task of expanding blogspace. However, a few months on there lie but a couple of drafts seemingly forgotten in the multitude of chores that define post quarter-life-crisis existence. Perhaps it is time to reflect on where Echohum stands, the little path tread, and where it may be headed.

Let me begin with an admission. Simply put, the effort of putting pen to paper (figuratively speaking) and click-of-button publication has been intensely gratifying. Although a blog barely three posts old may be early days to summarize thus, but there is something delicately uplifting in the movement of words from cerebral-and-fleeting to physical-and-eternal domain. This semi-cathartic, almost humbling nature of the blogging exercise, is on two counts – the Message and the Medium.

To talk of these in order, content comes first. Its appreciation may not be entirely bereft of debate. This is on account of the intensely individual and hence highly variable reasons for which assorted bloggers likes yours truly reach for the keyboard. What emerges post (pun intended) is obviously disparate. Equally, the rate at which more gets added would astonish even warren-inhabitants, hitherto champions of the multiplication game (at least in the biological sense)!

Yet, irrespective of raison, the key lies in the Dasvidaniya moments when one decides ‘what’ to write. Experience of the last few months tells me that the process of this choice, even when not resulting in an actual Echohum add, broadens one's perspective on three counts. First, it is natural that the hunt for a topic leads to more extensive reflection on the day's happenstances. Second, there is an increased propensity to action so as to expand the canvas of experiences and create more post-worthy items (oft-postponed plans like weekend getaways get added urgency!). And third, the revitalizing quotient of the day's highs goes up (say, better appreciation of sun-sand-surf in Ile Maurice). Interestingly, the reinforced verve also lends tranquil humour in examination of our lows (for instance an abysmal tryst with MDLR Airlines, a bookmark worthy of blogspace notoriety later)! So ye tentative traveler, a recourse to blogging may just enthuse you to spend your way out of the current economic downturn at assorted desirable destinations :)

Aside from such macroeconomic considerations of increased consumption, we have the Medium's compulsive convenience. While the ordeal-by-fire ‘iron foundry’ school of success may interest traditionalists (or sado-masochistic), the brilliant ease of push-button publishing, landing you transmission-ready for millions of eyeballs, is marvelous. In fact, apart from multiple motivation-sapping rejections via sundry unnamed, unacknowledged editors, the logistics of distribution are avoided too. Technology makes me reach for Kafkaesque idiom than Wellsian prescience to appreciate this imagination breakthrough (arguably bigger than Printing Press's assault on forestry). The credo is a fair epitome of the age we live in – if you have a thought, you have a medium. So barely a century from Edison's bulb and perspiration theory, negligible effort get us a shot at Warholian fifteen seconds on Google, listed with Britney Spears, CERN-era nuclear physics postulates, spam and virus donors, and the latest slice of erotica. Eulogy or odium shall follow, or apathetic neglect more likely, but you are ‘out there’.

So, as the Obama inauguration focuses the world on Word – in China a debate on omission (Communism), in the rest of the world on Justice Roberts’s placement (faithfully), here’s my contribution. Do you read?


Anonymous said...

A sublime effort.. unshackled thoughts... a tinge of acrimony but indeed a lot of prudence ... Ekoham's ingenious source your writing made me hum .. " Nirbhay nirgun gun re gaunga .... Panch pachhison pakad mangaun-ji ! Ek hi dor lagaunga ... Kahat Kabir Suno Bhai Sadho-ji ! Jeet Nishan Ghuraunga " - one of my favourates by The Glorified Soul.